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July 2020 Non-Fiction: Mythmaker
"When Ma told me about the manananggal — the vampiric monster who divided her body in half, sprouted wings and flew, hunting pregnant women and little children — I did what most kids did when their mother told them anything: I believed her."
Any Old Patient
"But fear is worse than being belittled. Fear is — risky."
Karissa Chen's Favorite Comfort Food: Mom's Chinese Chicken Soup
Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello's Favorite Comfort Food: Rocky Road Cookies
Marie Myung-Ok Lee's Favorite Comfort Food: Too-Many-Garlic-Chives Buchu Jeon (부추전)

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Our Favorite Comfort Foods: A Community Collection of Recipes
How to Be An Anti-Racist, Pro-Black Ally: A Resource List
When did you first recognize me as your own?: A Folio of Undocupoets Fellows
Deconstructing Cookbooks
September Lit: "the ear of the sky" by Kimarlee Nguyen
Mutual Regard: A Love Letter for the Origins of Black-Filipino Resistance
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Hyphen Recommends: Books by Black Writers
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Resurrecting Voices
July 2020 Non-Fiction: Mythmaker
Resurrecting Voices
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A Brief (and Incomplete) List of Resources For a Mutual Regard BRIEF

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